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can’t wait to run with this!

“I have been a diabetic for 22 years. My insulin is an injectable pen, Basaglar. Under my group plan:

Copay: $95.00
Shopped it at GoodRx: $250.00
Shopped it at Clever: $72.00

Can't wait to run with this.”

Kevin S.


saving almost $125 with every script!

“My dog, Dakota, is 5-years-old and has seizures. To manage this, she has to take Phenobarbital 60 Mg twice a day. At the vet, it was going to cost me $150-$200 a month, but with Clever, it is just $27.10 at CVS. Having this at my fingertips is a great feeling – saving almost $125.00 with every script is substantial!"

Brooke Sandstoe

Des Moines, IA

everyone needs to be using it to save money!

“Clever helped me save almost $40 on just one prescription, and it was so easy to use. All I had to do was show the coupon code within the app to the pharmacist and she adjusted the price from $91 down to $53. I had never used an app like this before, so was somewhat naive, but will use this from now on. I can save even more at other pharmacies. I was just at my usual pharmacy, so I wanted to go ahead and fill my prescription. The app is so nice because it allows you to search each medicine and will tell you all the different prices at pharmacies surrounding you. It is amazing to see the huge difference in prices of the same exact medicines...I am a believer in Clever and am so thankful for hearing about it!! Everyone needs to be using it to save money!”

Alissa Moyse

Houston, TX

magnitude of the save with no hassle involved

“My wife had a new drug added, and Humana (her Part D provider), told her it would cost about $400/month under their formulary. Others we checked were in the same range. Clever said we would get it for about $85. She took her script and her phone to CVS. They had no trouble recognizing and processing it–the pharmacist then told her he could provide a three-month supply for $105! So instead of paying $1,200 or so for three months, she got it for $105!!! Pretty amazing. Thanks for setting us up with this. I am shocked at both the magnitude of the save and the fact that there was no hassle involved in using it at the pharmacy. Wow.”


Austin, TX

commercial group plan does not cover it

“My wife has battled IBS for 25+ years...She was prescribed a drug called Anusol. This is classed as an experimental drug, so her commercial group plan does not cover it. The cost of the script was $520 for two weeks. I immediately pulled my Clever app and found a two week supply of this drug for $42. I also checked GoodRx and it was $82."


Business Owner

i couldn’t believe it!

“My 16-year-old dog, Herbie, has to take an anti-seizure medication every day, three times a day. When I heard that with Clever I could save on his medication, I checked the price right away. I found the med (Levetiracetam 250 Mg tablet) for only $24.29… I couldn’t believe it!! It was $503.27 without Clever, so I was able to save $478!”

Erin T

Scottsdale, AZ

the counter worker couldn't get over how much was saved

“I picked up a prescription for a drug my husband has, and for 20 pills it was $125. I gave the Hy-Vee pharmacy the card you gave me. The counter person was skeptical it'd help since it was the generic of Viagra, and I overhead a pharmacy worker remark that she'd never seen a card like this before. It ended up costing $17.89.  The counter worker couldn't get over how much was saved.  Me either.  Ya hoo!"



i’ve got to start pushing this to clients

“I had a surgery (prostate removal). My docs office hooks me up with a 90-Day supply of Sildenafil 20 MG. They send me the script (to an online pharmacy). I think I'm getting a great deal right…They charge me $56 for 90 (tablets). I look it up on Clever and I can get it for $23 at Wegmans! I’ve got to start pushing this to clients.”


Sutton, MA

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